Hey Media, This UNM-NMSU Shootout is a Crazy Story — Find it, Please

By Mark Smith

Enchantment Sports

Editor in Chief

Enchantment Sports remains in hiatus for now, which is sad for local journalism

The shooting death of a University of New Mexico student — killed by New Mexico State basketball player Mike Peake — apparently has more twists and turns than a crime novel.

Here’s a personal Facebook post I made, wondering why the Albuquerque media won’t ever get details about stories like this.

Enchantment Sports’ groundbreaking series’ on the New Mexico Bowl scandal and the Jackson Weller killing were similarly overlooked by local media, despite becoming national news.

But this one?

It appears to be even crazier.

I wish I had time to dig into it.

I apologize, but for personal reasons I simply don’t.

I do have some serious suspicions — as listed below.

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