What’s next for Lobo football after Bob Davie’s departure?

By Mark Smith

Enchantment Sports

Editor in Chief

Here are some of the key points made during University of New Mexico athletic director Eddie Nuñez’s and football coach Bob Davie’s separate news conferences on Tuesday at Dreamstyle Stadium.

On Monday, UNM announced that Saturday’s home game against Utah State will be Davie’s last with the school after eight seasons.

He is 35-63 overall and 17-46 in the Mountain West Conference.

  • Nuñez said he will address the coaching search on Sunday or Monday, and the focus needs to be on the Lobo players until after this weekend’s game.
  • He said no offer has been made, and he has not spoken to anyone in regards to the position.
  • Asked if the coaching change was due to a combination of off-field issues and Davie’s poor win-loss record, Nuñez said there was not one specific reason “and it’s the whole culmination of how I evaluate the whole program from top to bottom.”
  • Nuñez said UNM is not considering dropping football or playing at the lower FCS level.

During Davie’s opening statement, he said “we’re way beyond excuses and way beyond making safety nets if it doesn’t work when it comes to this game.”

But he immediately went right to the excuses, saying “in all the years I’ve coached, I’ve never, ever seen as many injuries.”Graphic Connection

He then cited a laundry list of players the Lobos no longer have this season, including what he said were the top five running backs, the top three quarterbacks, the top four wide receivers and some top defensive players.

  • Davie said he met with his team on Tuesday morning and apologized that they didn’t meet before UNM’s announcement. He said he couldn’t get them together face-to-face, “but I wanted them to be the first to know.”

Enchantment Sports obtained a text message that sources said Davie sent to his players before the school’s announcement on Monday.

  • Davie said he also apologized to his players that the ouster “didn’t happen after the last game, because every week this team has dealt with things that young guys that just want to play football, play honestly, shouldn’t have to deal with.”

After the team’s season-opening win against Sam Houston State in August, Davie was hospitalized for what the university called a “serious medical condition” and he missed the team’s next two games.

Last month, Lobo senior quarterback Sheriron Jones was suspended from the team after an allegation of indecent exposure.

This month, junior defensive end Nahje Flowers committed suicide.

As far as apologizing for anything he did or didn’t do at UNM, Davie said “I’ll walk out of here not apologizing for one thing than I’ve done here as the head football coach.”



One comment

  1. Mark,
    I’ve followed UNM football and basketball since the ’70’s.And, when you covered sports for Albuq. TV news. I’m sure you experienced a lot of UNM playing bridesmaid and not the bride, in your media career.
    Of course, basketball has had more success than football, although basketball has rarely advanced in the NCAA’s past the opening round to.the “Sweet Sixteen” and absent in the “Elite Eight” or “Final Four.”
    My question is why. Why can’t UNM, in either sport, join those programs in the SS, EE, or FF?
    Is there something, anything,, that can be done?
    Take U. of Ariz, (and Az State) they were in the WAC,, with UNM at one point, left the WAC, and after that one sees both schools breaking into the aforementioned advancement in the NCAA Tournament.
    Is it the money? Is it the reputation of Albuq.? Is it that UNM does not have the history of success that basketball “dreamers” have? And I’m not referring to the group of people, mostly newcomers to the country, no I’m referring to the “dreamers” who dreami of playing Pro Basketball?
    Take your pick of any question, but the main one is, WHY?
    Thanks for your time.


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