BREAKING: DREAM HAS ENDED! Enchantment Sports hits airwaves

Updated 12:30 A.M. Oct.  25, 2019

Featured photo: New Mexico Bowl executive director Jeff Siembieda, left, and DreamHouse CEO Eric Martinez say they have been friends many, many years. As of Thursday, however, they are no longer partners. That deal lasted just three weeks (Instagram).

Mark Smith interviews (Oct. 24):

4 p. m. — KIVA (1600 AM, 93.7 FM) with Eddy Aragon

6 p.m. — KKOB (770 AM/94.5 FM) with Brandon Vogt

10 p.m. — KOB (channel 4) TV news

By Mark Smith

Enchantment Sports

Editor in Chief

The DreamHouse New Mexico Bowl is again simply the “New Mexico Bowl.”

But while the dream is officially over, the nightmare is sure to continue for the embattled bowl game, executive director Jeff Siembieda and ESPN Events, which owns the game.

Today, ESPN’s senior publicist Anna Negron released the following statement, officially ending its relationship with alleged scam artist Eric Martinez, the CEO of DreamHouse Productions:

“We notified DreamHouse today that we have terminated its title sponsorship agreement with the New Mexico Bowl. We remain focused on ensuring a quality experience for fans.”

Negron did not respond when asked if there would be another title sponsor.

Nobody affiliated with the game will say why it ended.

We kind of know why, folks.

On Oct. 1, Siembieda and ESPN Events vice president Clint Overby held a news conference to announce DreamHouse as the new title sponsor, and gushed praise about Martinez and his company — even though DreamHouse didn’t even have an office.

Here is the release from Intersection Strategies’ James Hallinan, the bowl game’s publicist, from that news conference.

Enchantment Sports, however, started an immediate investigation of Martinez. It broke its first story on Oct. 11, and it’s since grown into a six-part series.

Thus far.

Oct. 23

Please see the entire series on our site under the Eric Martinez/DreamHouse Alleged Scam category on the top of our page.

Martinez, Siembieda, Hallinan and ESPN have refused to answer any of the numerous questions from Enchantment Sports about Martinez and his many allegations.

Enchantment Sports asked Negron, multiple times, if DreamHouse would still be the sponsor when the game was played on Dec. 21.

She never answered.

Until the news release today.

KOB TV is all over the story, and gave Enchantment Sports credit on its website today. Here is that link.

Here, too, is the link to the story KOB did on the 10 p.m. news.

Thank you KOB!

KRQE 13’s 10 p.m., story mentioned Enchantment Sports reporting.


Hey, it’s KOAT.

No mention of us and simply a liner about the biggest story in the state.

New Mexico Bowl
Oct. 24

Props to Joe O’Neill at KQTM, Eddy Aragon at KIVA and Brandon Vogt at KKOB for going into great deal about the Enchantment Sports series — both Aragon and Vogt doing interviews with our site on Thursday.

Aragon has propped our stories for nearly two weeks. Thanks Eddy!

KNML the Sports Animal continued to hibernate.

The station’s two sports talk shows, including Siembieda’s The Morning Drive, didn’t say a word, according to what listeners told us.

How long can Siembieda keep silent?

It’s up to you folks to tell us, he’s not responding to our questions and we’re not about to spend three hours listening to his radio show.

Maybe it’s a ratings ploy.

On Thursday (Oct. 24), the Albuquerque Journal ran its first story (read here) on the suspicions surrounding Martinez and the bowl game.

The Journal also gave credit to Enchantment Sports.

Hopefully the Journal, with all its resources, will continue to press the situation and give us a few days to catch our breath.

But there is certainly more to come on Enchantment Sports.

Mark Smith mug

Mark Smith has worked in New Mexico sports media for more than four decades, and is one of the most decorated sports journalists in state history. Smith has won more than 30 combined awards in print, television and radio and has been honored nationally for investigative reporting. He is the editor in chief of Enchantment Sports. Contact him at


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