Champions Corner: Podcast discusses why APS coaches are paid less than others

Featured photo: ProView Network’s Sebastian Noel, co-host of the Champions Corner podcast.

Enchantment Sports

Do you have a child who participates in APS athletics?
If so, do you know how little their coaches are being paid relative to other coaches around the state?
On May 26th,  Enchantment Sports Contributor Sebastian Noel, co-host of The Champions Corner podcast on Facebook, will tackle this issue and get answers.
Noel will discuss the questions:
  • Why are APS coaches paid less than their counterparts throughout the state?
  • Why does APS have more stringent fundraising restrictions than other districts in the state?
  • Does APS use metrics to calculate the number of coaches per athlete needed?

For example, some football programs have 40 athletes where others have 150. Yet, APS has a blanket policy of a certain number of coaches.

Do you see the competitive disadvantage that APS athlete’s face by not having competitive compensation for APS coaches?

The podcast is live from the Champions Corner studio, located at The Grill at 3300 San Mateo in Northeast Albuquerque.

APS coaches Brandon Back (La Cueva, football), Greg 

The Grill

Brown (Volcano Vista, basketball), Gerard Pineda (La Cueva, baseball) and Rod Williams (Cibola, football), are scheduled to be a part of the round-table discussion.
The public is welcome to join and contribute to the discussion on Tuesday at 6 p.m.

The podcast can be found by searching “Champions Corner” on Facebook.

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