Belching is for beer-bellies; burpees are for six-packs

Editor’s note: Enchantment Sports contributor Andy Pomroy has become very active in fitness in recent years. In December, he committed to a burpees challenge. The feature photo is the result. Andy has in-home exercising ideas for these trying times of the conronavirus, and will share more of them next week with Enchantment Sports.

By Andy Pomroy
For Enchantment Sports

Thirty days, 100 burpees-per-day challenge.
Start from the plank position. Then do a push-up. Then jump forward and straight up in the air.

I saw this challenge on YouTube, and it sounded different, so I thought I’d give it a try. I had hit the wall on some my other exercises and wanted something new. So, I figured I’d share this old man’s experience as I went along. Also, I thought it might help me stay focused on finishing my goal.

Day 1:
First day of burpees. These are harder than I thought.

Thought I was in good shape but was not. My running was making my knees a bit sore so I wanted to try something else for exercise and came across this.

I also hate cardio and thought if I just fought through this I would save some time.

Will take a picture later to see what happens to a 47-year-old man who tries this. Did my 100 at home on a yoga mat, so that was also nice because it was cold outside.

Day 2:
I thought today would be easier. It was not. If Satan didn’t invent the burpee, he definitely helped in its creation.

Got it done, with the help of profanity.

Day 3:
Note to self: No red wine after 8 p.m. when doing this challenge

Day 4:
Got up at 5 a.m. and got them out of the way. Going to bed early really helps. They are getting a bit easier. Heart rate still goes through the roof. No soreness on my knees still.

Day 5:
Burpees are best done early. Found that out during a lunch break when I came back sweaty. Good thing about burpees is you can do them anywhere.

Day 6:
Got up at 5 a.m., put on my gym shorts, work-out shirt and shoes. Turned the news on in the living room, laid out the yoga mat and went after it.

Why go to all the trouble of putting on my workout gear, you ask, if I’m only walking into the living room?

Well, I considered that I might wake up my son and that if he saw me doing this in my underwear he might either A) ask me why I’m humping the floor in my underwear at 5 a.m. or, far worse, secretly film me in my underwear doing said exercises and post it on YouTube. It would go viral soon after, and proceed to become a nationwide fad of middle-aged men filming their dad bods in tighty-whities doing burpees. Such videos soon surpass crazy cat videos in everyone’s video algorithms. Trending a close second would be videos of people staring into their phones, tablets and computer screens trying not to vomit.

So, to answer the question of why I get dressed up in my gym clothes to walk into living room that nobody asked to begin with:

I did it for you, America.

Roll Up


Day 7:
Did my 100 burpees at 6 a.m. after two cups of coffee.
I read my posting from yesterday. Made an appointment with a therapist. Something’s wrong with me.

Day 8:
Saw an ab today for the first time in years. I was like “Hey, Buddy!” Got me motivated. Did them faster today. Less rest in between sets.

Also met with the therapist later. She did not seem to have a problem with posting what I wrote. But she did concede that doing 100 burpees a day for 30 days was “####ing nuts.”

Although probably not a standard industry term to use, it seemed like a fair assessment.

Day 9:
Seriously did not want to do these this morning.

Lost another 1/2 pound.Windsor

Day 10:
As Mark Twain once said, “If it’s your job to eat a frog, it’s best to do it first thing in the morning. And if it’s your job to eat two frogs, it’s best to eat the biggest one first.”
That’s how I feel about burpees. However, once the pain is done I can’t tell you how much better I feel. It’s like I really feel a since of accomplishment.
Day 11:

My abs are like Bigfoot … the Loch Ness monster … and stoplights.
There are many scholars who believe they exist but the jury is still out.
Saw a second ab.

I’m having some progress on an Uber ride from my bed to the yoga mat in the living room with Bigfoot and the Loch … (that’s what I call him … we are tight; he is down with it).

Day 12:
Starting a new Twitter hashtag. #DwayneJohnsonisawuss
I’m on fire.
And now selling my house and deleting all my social media. “The Rock” has people everywhere. They will search me down and take me out.

Day 13:
Burpees, at least from what I have experienced, burn fat. I’m not an expert, but it is working on me. I’m still fat but I saw an ab.
Yes, I did them today, and they were difficult because I had no coffee.

Day 14:
Burpees are easier after a large Starbucks coffee. I think I might also be a nicer person after a large Starbucks coffee.

burpee graphic

Day 15:

Really tired. Went to bed too late. Crawled to the yoga mat complaining. This might have been the hardest day. Did not bring the “A” game for sure. But I did do it. This is a battle of wills between me and my burpees. So far, I’m winning. This has brought some positive form of discipline into my life. I’m finding that makes me feel good, even if sometimes the burpees don’t.
Day 16:
Started to see that the harder I did them, the more energy I had. Never felt better doing any sort or cardio exercise.
Day 17:
I almost gave up. Too much fun yesterday, grilling and hanging out.
Almost talked myself into taking a day off. I deserved it, right? This is no longer about exercise, it’s about the will to commit to a lifestyle change.
My son is now doing his own burpee challenge. He gets after it. I’m proud of him. He can also do more in a row than I can. Wow.
Day 18:
Got up early and got ’em done. Definitely seeing some improvements on the cardio side.
Day 19:
Really on a roll now. Moving past my standard sets of 10. Pushing through and getting more done faster every day.
Day 20:
Set a personal best for 100 burpees – 15 minutes.
Then threw up. May take it down a notch tomorrow … puke breath is no way to start off a day.
Day 21:
Did not break any land speed records today but fought like a champ. In the home stretch for the challenge.
Day 22:
Travel day. Interesting note here: This is why burpees are the best. They can be done anywhere. I just did 100 in my hotel room.
Day 23:
Las Vegas is not agreeable to burpee challenges. It is far more agreeable to 12 oz. curls. But I was up by 6:30 a.m. Got them done and out of the way.
Day 24:
Was told I need to take a picture afterwards to show results of the burpee challenge. Not feeling super confident about it, but I can see a real physical difference.
Day 25:
Did some weight-lifting yesterday and now my shoulder is hurting. This is making the burpees slow to get done. Icing it up and toughing it out.
Day 26:
Diet is also a big key to this thing I’ve been trying to eat a little bit better. (Yes there is a “but” coming). But I met this beautiful piece of cheesecake, and we got along really well. Damn cheesecake the cheesecake gods who invented it.
Day 27:
Really not feeling it today but I must complete this challenge! Put on some good music and rock it out.
Day 28:
Super easy today. I can tell the difference with this challenge is the way it gets your heart rate going is better than running for me.
Day 29:
Done in 20 minutes, no problem.
Day 30:

I feel amazing. Not just because of the exercise but because I set a goal and I did it. It was not always easy but if I can do this, I know there is so much more on and off the yoga mat I can accomplish.

SUCCESS: Andy Pomroy before and after his 30-day burpees challenge (courtesy Andy Pomroy). 

Andy Pomroy, owner of Windsor Door Sales, is a sponsor of and contributor to Enchantment Sports. He is also a big proponent of exercise, and provides tips for how the average person can get and stay in shape.

Next week, Pomroy will share ways he’s discovered to keep fit — physically and mentally —  while we are social distancing during the coronavirus COVID-19 pandemic.



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