Lobo Classics: UNM starts a new series to keep sports going during the shutdown

The following release is from the University of New Mexico athletics department.  Lobo fans are encouraged to share their voices about blasts from the past.

UNM Athletics announces Lobo Classics weekly feature

 ALBUQUERQUE, N.M. – During this unprecedented period in the world’s history and its already significant impact on the sports landscape that we are all accustomed to, The University of New Mexico Athletic Department is announcing a weekly series titled “Lobo Classics” to help fill the void currently left due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

The goal of the “Lobo Classics” series is to highlight some of the greatest moments in the history of UNM Athletics. These types of moments can consist of specific games, individual performances, record-breaking achievements or even entire championship seasons. It is our intention that during this period of uncertainty, we can bring some joy and happiness to our unwaveringly loyal fans that make up Lobo Nation!

High Noon
Enter a caption

As part of this endeavor, Lobo Athletics wants to make this an interactive project and are opening up for suggestions from Lobo fans everywhere. Fans can make suggestions that they would like to see highlighted in “Lobo Classics” by tweeting to @UNMLobos and using the hashtag #LoboClassics. Fans can also submit suggestions through email: newmexicoathletics@gmail.com.

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