Top 10: Lujan, Agbaosi and White lead who’s who list in N.M. hoop world

Feature photo: Guard Ricky Lujan has led Las Cruces Oñate into the state tournament

Russell Gurule

For Enchantment Sports

In less than two weeks, we’ll know the best high school basketball teams in New Mexico.

As for the state’s best players, that will still be a debate.

Heading into this week’s state tournament, I’m sure many who followed the season have developed their own 10-top player lists. I picked mine based on the impact they had on the season.

The Book

Here’s my top 10:

1. Ricky Lujan, Oñate, 6-0, Sr., G: Ricky brings an all around exciting game from the outside, plus the ability to go down the lane with a dunk.

Ricky is a nightmare for anybody to guard in high school.

Eldorado's Deraje Agbaosi
Eldorado’s Deraje Agbaosi (Russell Gurule).

2. Deraje Agbaosi, Eldorado, 6-6, Sr., F: Deraje may very well be the most athletic player in New Mexico. He brings a strong athletic frame and loads of potential to be something special.

Deraje plays the post for the Eagles, but we’ll see him as a forward/guard in college. Keep tabs on him.

3. JB White, Santa Fe, 6-6, Jr., F: JB is highly regarded on the national scene. With JB I look for dominance. I haven’t seen that yet.

JB has loads of potential and I’m waiting for him to go up another level.

4. Jude Tapia, Albuquerque High, 5-11, Sr., G: Jude is an all-around player who can get his shot off against anybody.

I almost get the feeling that Jude is bored with high school ball and is ready for college ball. He should be a great guard for some college program.

5. Elijah Davidson, Bosque Prep, 6-4, Sr., G: Elijah is a high-flying guard who can shoot from the outside.Fan-Demonium jpeg fandemonium

He is one of those players with the right size and skill to make things happen. Western Colorado University got a steal by snatching Davidson.

Bosque Prep's Elijah Davidson
Bosque Prep’s Elijah Davidson (Courtesy/Clifton Davidson).

6. Joziah Ramos, Atrisco Heritage, 5-6, Sr., G: Joziah has a special “it” factor about him that defies conventional wisdom.

He is one of those players that finds a way to make things happen. He is a player that you can’t disregard.

7. Tre Watson, Cleveland, 6-5, Jr., F: Tre is an all-around athlete in football and basketball. It’s just a matter of picking a sport.

If Tre were more consistent from the outside, I would easily put him in my
top 5.

8. Isaiah Carr, Las Cruces, 6-9, So., C: Isaiah has burst onto the scene this year as an X-factor for the Bulldawgs.

I love how he blocks shot after shot and keeps the ball in play. We will be talking a lot about Isaiah in the next two years.

9. Owen Olney, Magdalena, 6-1, Sr., G: Owen has also roared onto the scene this year, using high-flying dunks and exciting athleticism.

Owen has caught the attention of many following the high school scene and I wouldn’t be surprised if he has a big state tournament.


Magdalena High’s Owen Olney, center, with UNM coach Paul Weir (left) and grandfather and coaching great, Sam Olney.  Owen’s mom, Sara Sue Olney, and his uncle, Royce Olney, were high school and college hoop stars (Courtesy/Sara Sue Olney).


10. Jose Murrillo, Highland, 6-9, So., C: Jose is averaging a double-double with several stat-stuffing games under his belt this season.

The state tournament could be a coming out party for Jose.

Graphic Connection

Honorable Mention:

Derek Aeilts, La Cueva, 6-5, Sr., G.

Nate Hasberry, Cleveland, 6-1, Jr., G.

Antoine T.J. Sanchez, Capital, 5-11, Sr., G.

Ray Brown, Las Cruces, 6-3, Sr., F.

Eloy Medina, West Mesa, 6-3, Sr., G.
Who are your choices? (See below)

So, is there anyone you think I left off the list, or I ranked too highly?

Let the debate begin — as state begins.

And feel free to let us know at

High Noon

Russell Gurule was born and raised in Albuquerque and is a long-time resident. He graduated from Highland High and also attended Hope Christian.

Russell is a long-time observer of New Mexico Lobo and high school athletics.

Logistics is his day job. Basketball and politics are his passions. To contact Russell with comments of tips, please email

Pretty solid list you all have, got a couple of guys from down south in district 3-5A you forgot about:
Gonzalo Corbolan from Las Cruces D1 prospect and solid guard. Great size and athleticism.
Diego Hernandez from Gadsden High School leading scorer in the state of NM and district 3-5A player of the year (over Ricky Lujan/Isaiah Carr/Ray Brown on your list)
Kobe Barrientos: Gadsden High School all district player, superbly athletic and lengthy, above the rim player
Appreciate your post,
David Villalobos

Mathew Gonzales from Robertson, for only being a sophomore he lead the Cardinals to one one their best seasons.
Very explosive on offense and defense. Check him out–
James Gonzales


  1. Mathew Gonzales from Robertson, for only being a sophomore he lead the cardinals to one one their best season. Very explosive on offense and defense. Check him out


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