Mark Smith joins Swami Rob on 94 Rock this morning

Enchantment Sports

While the Albuquerque sports talk stations continue to ignore the month’s biggest story in the state,  KZRR (94.1 FM) is all over it.

The Morning Show’s Swami Rob has invited Enchantment Sports’ Mark Smith into the 94 Rock studio this morning at 8:15 to discuss his groundbreaking series, “Dream or Nightmare.”

The series exposed alleged con man Eric Martinez, CEO of the nonexistent DreamHouse, and the DreamHouse New Mexico Bowl.Swami Rob.jpg

“It’s an incredible story,” said Swami Rob. “I’m a huge sports fan, but this transcends sports.”

ESPN Events, which owns the bowl, dropped DreamHouse as the title sponsor last week — just three weeks after executive director Jeff Siembieda held a news conference announcing a four-year deal between DreamHouse and the game.

Siembieda, as fate has it, is co-host of a morning show on sports talk station KNLM.

Chances are slim you will hear the topic there. And odds are you won’t hear it discussed today on that station’s local afternoon show, or on  KTQM — the city’s other sports talk show.

The latter is a.n ESPN affiliate

The sports talk stations have avoided the bowl game-fiasco like LeBron James walking by a Hong Kong restaurant.



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