Enchantment Sports apology: system error or ??? Hmmmm ???

Editor’s Note:

For the past week — since the day after posting the first story in the series on the homicide of Lobo baseball player Jackson Weller — some bugs have gotten into our website.

Hacked? Not sure. We’re looking into it.

We apologize for the strange pop-ups of sales messages and anti-virus warnings. They were not ours, and never have been.

We do not use any type of pop ups.

For a brief time, the Enchantment Sports header disappeared, as did the column ads from our sponsors.

Enchantment Sports spent three hours with a computer service to rectify the problem.

You should no longer see any issues. If you do, please email us and let us know at EnchantmentSportsNM@gmail.com

Also, some ugly comments were posted in the comment section after stories. They were submissions by weak-mined, anonymous people with nothing but hate in their hearts. All have been taken down.

Those will not be tolerated, and have been taken down.

A reminder about our comment policy: 

Comments can be sent by email to EnchantmentSportsNM@gmail.com. All pieces must include your real name, and we must be able to contact you and verify your identity Comments cannot include personal attacks or vulgarity.

We are not going to publish your email or phone number, that is just to verify you are who you say. In other words, silly monikers or submissions from the likes of Delta7, LoboGodFace or Chattanooga Chuck won’t cut it here.

We are NOT sports speak up.


Thank you,

Mark Smith

Enchantment Sports

Editor in Chief



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