Important Update: Part 2 of series on the Jackson Weller homicide coming today

UPDATE: The second story from the series is scheduled for release today (June 24) no later than 5 p.m., Mountain Daylight Time. The detailed account is scheduled to follow within an hour of that. 

FEATURE PHOTO: A man raises his arms seconds after University of New Mexico baseball player Jackson Weller was shot last month. Weller is on his back in the street. He died minutes later. (Mark Smith/Enchantment Sports).


Editor’s note:

Enchantment Sports has received new information concerning its breaking news story on June 21 about the killing of University of New Mexico baseball player Jackson Weller, and the contradictions between a surveillance video of the homicide and the school’s account. Click here:

The new information will be part of the second story in the series, and the website currently is working that story.

While the June 21 story is receiving national attention, all local news media has ignored it to this point. The story also contradicts how media have previously reported the killing.

Because of the new information, and Enchantment Sports apparently being the only news media outlet covering the facts of the killing, we have now re-scheduled the next story for Monday, June 24.

At that time, we will also release an exclusive detailed account of the homicide, along with numerous photos of the 14-minute surveillance video showing the killing.

Thank you for your interest,

Mark Smith

Enchantment Sports

Editor in Chief

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