DWO Reincarnation

By Lee Roy Lucero

Enchantment Sports Staff Writer


Hobo Hank! Hobo Hank! Hobo Hank!  

The riotous crowd started the chant early as New Mexico wrestling icon Hobo Hank was preparing to save the Destiny Wrestling Organization from being packed up and moved to Salt Lake City Utah.

My guilty pleasure is professional wrestling. It is just fun… From the 70’s of Mike London running things at the old Civic Auditorium to the 80’s and 90’s of the big international federations, it was always a blast to go see grown men in tights, masks, and face paint knock the snot out of one another.

In 2015 I was reunited with professional wrestling as I went to my first Destiny Wrestling Organization and found myself immediately hooked once again. DWO isn’t a big federation show you see on television. This is independent wrestling, in small venues, with many local or regional wrestlers that travel up and down the region sustaining bumps, bruises, and blood while marketing at the “merch table” to a gang of hardcore wrestling fans that show up for every show!

Fast forward to Monday night as Destiny Wrestling was in a large barn, with dirt and straw on the floor and the familiar well used ring. DWO Reincarnation was set to go.

Prior to the show, majority owner and HEEL Matthew Roblez came out from the locker room and said, “I love these fans! On a holiday Monday night in Bosque Farms New Mexico, with three weeks of promotion time, we have to keep adding rows of chairs as they just keep coming in. This is like selling out Madison Square Garden, man.”

At 7 p.m., Adam Merrick came out to a chorus of “DWO! DWO! DWO! And the show was set to go with a newcomer six-man tag team match:

Adam Merrick


Nick Turner, The Bearded Lady, and 9 vs. Jesse Canales, Cyrus Warsong, and Happy the Clown. Not a bad opener as Happy, The Bearded Lady complete with some cheesy lipstick and elbow pads in his bra, showed some talent that could have them move up in the ranks.





Don’t sleep on 9. He is big and there could be a nice DWO future for this big fella.





The Trash King


The next match featured “The Trash King” Ray Basura and Big Vig destroying Echo & William Cutting. The Trash King gimmick of Basura does receive some pop and along with his entourage of Rusty, Toxic & Vomit make for a formidable group.



Longtime DWO and Juggalo “Mosh Pit” Mike took on the despised Josh Slide2Carey. I like Carey, he is skinny and wiry but takes some serious bumps (physical damage). He ate a chair shot, smashed into multiple barriers, and when slapped in the chest …Woooooo… Carey doesn’t wilt! I respect the dude; he is an excellent worker!

DWO Heavyweight Champion Chad Thomas, a big mean Texan who currently holds the DWO strap, dusted off Lee Nitrous like a bug off a windshield. Thomas is big, and while the fans made sure Thomas knows that “Texas sucks,” Thomas doesn’t really give a rip. He will bust you up. By the way, Roblez wants everyone to know that Thomas has held the DWO heavyweight championship longer than anyone else in DWO history! Hey HEEL we don’t care, we hate Texas! Almost as much as we do Utah!


DWO Full Access Title Match 

Manny Lemons

Arguably the two most talented workers in the DWO stable, Gino Rivera and Manny Lemons, squared off for the DWO Full Access match. Here is the video as Lemons, who has a “Zest for Life,” was able to take the title away from Rivera — who has had a couple of times with the big federations. Don’t be surprised to see Gino get another shot. He has skills, can work a microphone, and gets under your skin like only a professional wrestler can.

Video courtesy of DWO

Hobo Hank! Hobo Hank! Hobo Hank!

The crowd was ready to see their hero… But before the main event Adam Merrick came in and introduced the folks from VICELAND TV who are doing a documentary series on professional wrestling… The folks from VICELAND were at DWO Reincarnation to film and document the New Mexico Icon: Hobo Hank.


The storyline of Reincarnation is that Matthew Roblez “Team HEEL” stable had won full ownership of Destiny Wrestling and was shutting down wrestling in New Mexico and moving the entire organization to Utah. Hobo Hank in a no disqualification match had to wrestle former tag team partner Thunder. If Hobo lost, say goodbye to DWO New Mexico; but if Hobo won… DWO would stay in New Mexico!

The chants of HOBO HANK! HOBO HANK! HOBO HANK grew louder and louder as the man that lives in a dumpster behind the Frontier restaurant came out of the locker room in his putrid mustard yellow jacket, soiled wifebeater T-shirt, holding his infamous “Will wrassle for food” cardboard sign to loving screams of the DWO faithful! HOBO HANK! HOBO HANK… makes his way around the crowd as people fill his arms with popcorn, soda pop, hot dogs, and any other type of food and beverage available.

 Hobo Hank isn’t just hype, the man has wrestled for nearly three decades and he can handle himself both in and out of the wring taking a bump or many. Hank not only gets smashed into the ring barrier, ring posts, and eats a chair shot or two. But Matthew Roblez (Thunder’s manager) is able to get a few shots, and as a no-DQ match big Chad Thomas that Texas jerk comes out from the locker room and puts the fists to the Hobo. Ultimately Hank with a stead flow of blood after being busted open by the Thunder chair shot hits his signature finisher and gets the 1-2-3 saving DWO for New Mexico fans who scream his name even louder… HOBO HANK! HOBO HANK! HOBO HANK!

 Even an old dude like myself gets caught up in the euphoria as for a couple of hours didn’t think about politics, school, work, and bills. For a couple of hours, I could be that kid at the Civic Auditorium…


But… what does this mean for DWO?



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