Nightmare on “Woke” Street: Hypocrites can’t deal with Black Tiger in White House

By Lee Roy Lucero

Enchantment Sports Staff Writer


On Tuesday, Tiger Woods visited President Donald Trump in the White House to receive the Presidential Medal of Freedom.

It was emotional. It was inspiring. But if you went looking for excited fans and media about this amazing honor for Mr. Woods, look under #TigerWho?



You know that Tiger Woods fella, right? He wins those ugly green jackets. He has only revolutionized and transcended the sport of golf.



When I was a little boy when Muhammad Ali was called “The Greatest of All Time,” but I’ll tell you what, I think Tiger has supplanted Ali for that honor. And prior to this week’s visit to The White House, I thought most Americans agreed with me. Tiger transcends sports. He IS golf! He is Nike! He is a hero that all of us should look up to and not just because he can “get in the hole.”

Tiger Woods is everything that is right about America. His career was over. He went from being the #1 player in the world to the mid 1,000’s. He struggled with multiple surgeries, an opioid addiction, sex addiction. He was a mess, and when most people wrote Tiger Woods off, he did have a friend in then citizen Donald Trump.

While mainstream media and certain fans felt Tiger was #finished, the comeback was always there. The rebirth of Tiger-mania began when he won the Players Championship late last year. And when he won the 2019 Masters last month, it not only became the greatest comeback in golf — it completed one of the greatest sports comebacks of all time.

This comeback wasn’t just on the course, but in life.

Americans should be celebrating, going crazy. The American dream was achieved in Tiger Woods. A man fell from grace through multiple self-inflicted wounds, was able to pick himself up by the bootstraps and once again rise to height of his sport. Tiger might not have been a great role model off the course at one time, but he is now a role model for America — a man who shows that dedication and hard work are still worth something in the greatest country on the face of the planet.El Pintojpg

He showed what all Americans claim to believe — you don’t have to stay down when knocked down. A person can get up, dust himself off and once again become  great. In this case, The Greatest. Tiger Woods is an American hero. You would think Americans and the media would celebrate this amazing accomplishment.

Last month, they certainly did.

April 14, 2019 Twitter feed #TigerWoodsWinsMasters, #TigerWoodsGreenJacket #HesBack #GreatestComeback #TheGreatest…


But America is racially “woke” these days. Most Americans can’t get past Tiger’s skin color. Yes, for those who don’t know Tiger Woods has dark pigmented skin. Some would call him African American (though he calls himself so much more), but like most people in the world today he is more than just his skin color. His mother is part Thai, part Chinese, and part white. His late father is part African-American, Chinese, Native American, and Chinese. Tiger was married to a Caucasian woman, so his children also share multi-racial ethnicity.

IMG_5350But the real racists, the politically correct media, Twittersphere, and social warrior/activist want to make sure Tiger knows his place. And if Tiger chooses to just be Tiger and not a black puppet of the #woke, they will make sure Tiger pays for his insolence and not listening to the self-appointed masters of #wokeness.

May 6, 2019… The crickets of Twitter are chirping. No #TigerLove. On the day of receiving the highest honor a citizen of the United States could receive, those that hate President Trump more than they love America or Tiger have drawn the long knives and set out to attack Tiger.

Why Tiger? Why accept this honor? Why didn’t he opt out like other #Woke athletes that don’t visit The White House? The Baltimore Sun “editorial board” (so gutless to not put their names) went so far as to tell Tiger exactly how a black man should act:

“But his position as a star athlete, particularly as an African-American in a sport that has historically been overwhelmingly white, makes him a role model in this regard whether he likes it or not.”

Baltimore Sun says, sorry Tiger, you can’t be an American hero. You are not allowed to accept this award from the president, a white man. The #Woke masters of thought have decided you are a black man that is enslaved to their way of thinking. Do what your told!

Tiger why can’t you be more like our social warriors: Alex Cora, Steph Curry, and LeBron James?

The Sun editorial continued:

“Tiger Woods, these athletes are using the platform they have been granted to stand up for something they believe in. They will be remembered for it.”

In six more years, Donald Trump won’t president anymore, and while nobody even knows who Cora is now, some may remember James or Curry…


But Tiger, well Tiger will be remembered as the greatest athlete of all time. He is already a role model to millions of golfers and non-golfers around the world.

He wasn’t granted  a platform. Tiger earned it!

image1Lee Roy Lucero is an Albuquerque native, former editor of The Red Menace website and a staff writer with Enchantment Sports. For tips or story ideas, particularly about high school sports, contact Lee Roy Lucero at

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