George Scott: While Lobos try to figure out who they are, let’s keep the opposition guessing, too

By George Scott

For Enchantment Sports

Trying to figure out this year’s Lobo basketball team is a real head-scratcher. We are now in the first week of February, and our team still does not have an identity.

Are we a pressing, 40-minutes-of-hell team, a la Nolan Richardson’s great Arkansas teams, a team with a tough-as-nails zone, similar to Jim Boeheim’s great Syracuse teams, or an in-your-face man-to-man defensive team favored by Bobby Knight at Indiana?

I get the feeling we’re still trying figure this out on the fly.

It appears to me that our best defense is a man to man, with a little zone sprinkled in to keep opposing offenses off balance.

There’s tons of video of us out there. Let’s keep the other teams in the conference guessing.

What about Anthony Mathis? Is he better at the point or is he better utilized as a traditional shooting guard?

In my humble opinion, he is better as a shooting guard. A point guard has lots of duties and responsibilities to get everyone involved offensively. Anthony just needs to catch and shoot because he is one of the better shooters in our conference. We need to figure this out. Soon. March Madness is next month.

George Scott is a former Lobo basketball star and guest contributor for Enchantment Sports. If you have any information for George, please email

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