ROCK THE VOGT: Does New Mexico Bowl put Lobo football at recruiting disadvantage?

KKOB Radio’s Brandon Vogt, former co-host of The Sports Animal and current host of BV Tonight (weekdays at 6 p.m. on 770 AM/94.5 FM), gives his weekend sports takes for Enchantment Sports.

The college football bowl season got under way on Saturday (Dec. 15) with the New Mexico Bowl being one of the first games. Utah State blew out North Texas 52-13 in the game at Albuquerque’s Dreamstyle Stadium, which is also home of Lobo football.kkob

But Vogt says the N.M. Bowl might not be helping UNM’s recruiting. (The reference to “Jeffy” is to Jeff Siembieda, executive director of the New Mexico Bowl.)

Check out, and here for the latest takes on Lobo football and basketball.

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