FAN-DEMONIUM: Lobo sports need support from fans — and UNM, itself

By Rudy Chavez

For Enchantment Sports Fan-demonium

Brother Bluto Blutarsky (John Belushi), in one of the funniest and most iconic scenes in the laugh riot movie, “Animal House”, said,…”What’s all this lying around shizz? Was it over when the German’s bombed Pearl Harbor?”

Germany? Now if you follow the movie, you know Bluto was not a scholar. So what?

He gets the beautiful gal, rides off into the sunset and becomes a United States Senator. Too bad Hollywood endings don’t always come around.

Fan-Demonium jpeg fandemonium

UNM athletics has always been a huge part of Albuquerque. It seems that these days people don’t want to go to games and attendance is sagging all over the country. How can the wolf survive and thrive? Time for all the fans of UNM to step up and realize that the NCAA doesn’t care about schools like UNM; they are not part of the Power 5 conferences. That is about as absurd as ketchup on a hot dog. Conference affiliation should not penalize D-1 schools. Imagine if football TV money was equitably split? According to my rough estimate, if the NCAA was forced to share, UNM would receive about 11 MILLION DOLLARS A YEAR MORE THAN THE PALTRY 1.9 Million currently booked by MWC teams. You can see how the lack of fairness in splitting college football money skews it so the rich continue to get richer.

I am also astounded that our Attorney General, Hector Balderas, hasn’t got the guts to take on the NCAA, he just wants to bang on UNM for a problem that was solved long ago. Paul Krebs is gone, he isn’t coming back and he paid the 25k back. Time to move on and quit living in the past. So how do you fix Lobo Football? UNM MUST up the institutional support! Football is starved to death: UNM is 11th out of 11 MWC teams in terms of institutional support for football. So UNM gets what is pays for. UNM is second or third in support for basketball. Hmmm no wonder UNM finishes at least 2nd or 3rd in basketball just about every year.

Rudy Chavez Law Firm copy

As long as politicians want to spend HALF A BILLION DOLLARS for a spaceport that hasn’t made dime one, and a Rail Runner that loses money each and every time the train runs,… well you get my point. That half a billion dollars could have gone into an interest bearing account and the interest could have been used to advance football in this state. The alternative that is always offered is not an alternative: dropping football will kill basketball and for that matter all sports at UNM.

Until this university and community realize one thing, in college athletics, football isn’t a sport it is THE SPORT we will be stuck in a “Groundhog Day” state of affairs. Football has the most potential for economic success. A full stadium can pay for all the other sports that lose money not only at UNM but at all other colleges. Quick, without googling who won the soccer college cup? Not even most soccer fans could tell you.

Here is a comparison that demonstrates the inequality in college athletic today. Michigan has 29 sports on a 150 MILLION DOLLAR BUDGET, UNM has 22 sports on a 34 million dollar budget. Only three sports make money at Michigan: Football, men’s basketball and men’s hockey. That’s it! UNM? Since 1964, when President Popejoy made the HUGE mistake of not allowing UNM to go two platoon football when every other school was, UNM has been behind the 8-ball. The only way to catch up is get serious about supporting football to make it a WINNER. You don’t do that by cutting the football budget.

So,…what’s all this lying around shizzz?

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