Lobo men’s basketball team still needs plenty of work, but will get there in time

By George Scott

For Enchantment Sports

I attended the New Mexico – UTEP men’s basketball game at the Pit on Saturday night.
We got off to a horrendous start by not scoring for approximately the first seven minutes of the first half, which caused the fans to remain standing and clapping for a really long time as they waited for our first basket.

Our players clearly felt the pressure the longer the fans remained standing and clapping.

When we finally scored a basket, a huge weight had been lifted, but by then, we had dug ourselves a huge hole to climb out of (14-3).

George Scott

We slowly caught up, then forged ahead in what was a very ugly basketball game filled with lots of missed shots, turnovers and blown defensive assignments by both teams.

I continue to be impressed with senior Anthony Mathisn (5-of-7 from the floor, 4-of-4 on 3s for 18 points). He is an amazing 3-point shooter. Our version of Steph Curry!

It is very apparent that our team is still a work in progress and not the finely tuned machine we were last March in Las Vegas at the Mountain West tournament.

We’ll get there, though. There’s plenty of time between now and March.

George Scott is a former Lobo basketball star, playing for ex-coach Gary Colson from 1982-85. George has agreed to give Enchantment Sports his take of a number of the Lobo basketball games this season. To contact George with any feedback, tips or information for George, send to EnchantmentSportsNM@gmail.com.

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