Tick Talk with Brandon Vogt Rock tonight; Acosta, Alford and — A La Mode!

Enchantment Sports

Staff report

Brandon Vogt interviews Enchantment Sports Editor Mark Ticky Smith tonight (Nov.14) at 5:30 (Mountain) in studio on his show, BV Tonight with Jeff St. Louis on KKOB Radio.

Brandon says he plans to talk Lobo basketball, past and present, and told our staff he might have a few questions dealing with CNN’s lawsuit against the White House — and if it compares to when former Lobo hoop coach Steve Alford, basically, acted like he was president of UNM. If not governor of New Mexico.


We’re not sure quite sure what that has to do with Ticky.

Yeah, who are we kidding? Of course we do.

It could get interesting on BV Tonight at 5:30. KKOB is on 770 AM and 94.5 FM.


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