Galles Chevrolet Metro Player of the Week: A Historical Day for Ortiz

By Lee Roy Lucero

Enchantment Sports Staff Writer


It was a historic night for Del Norte High school running back Isaiah Ortiz, as the sophomore led the Knights to a 69-20 district championship victory over Los Alamos. Ortiz finished the night with an eye-popping 430 yards and eight touchdowns and is Week 10’s Galles Chevrolet Metro Player of the Week.

DNHS Isaiah Ortiz

“I personally have never seen anything like it,” says DNHS coach Bruce Binkley. “It was a historical night, 430 yards is the fourth best of all time, and eight touchdowns is the second most for one game. Combine that together and it is the single greatest night in the history of New Mexico high school football.”

For Ortiz it was just another night.

“I didn’t think too much about it,” says Ortiz. “I had an idea that I was getting a lot of yards and scoring, but I didn’t think of records or anything like that. I just wanted to win, go out there and play with my teammates and brothers. I want to do what I can for them.”


Del Norte didn’t start the season out with this type of rushing attack says coach Binkley.

“It took a while to figure out what kind of offense we wanted to run,” says Binkley. “We came out thinking we were going to throw, throw, throw… We came out against Belen and threw it 58 times and ran it ten. It took us until week five to get a more balanced offense, and now that the playoffs started, we have it.”

The beneficiary of that balanced offense is Ortiz.

“Feels good for the coaches to trust me and give me the ball,” says Ortiz. “We just want to play hard and win.”

Is there any one touchdown that stands out?

“The 80-yard touchdown run, “responds Ortiz. “It was a total team effort, the coaches called the right play, my linemen were blocking perfectly. set it up and I was able to get into the end zone.”

Coach Binkley adds, “They gave us six in the box, and when we saw that, we decided to run the ball, and I have an athletic team that made the plays.”

No. 12 seed Del Norte plays at No. 5 see Piedra Vista (Farmington) on Friday (Nov. 9) at 7 p.m. in the Class 5A playoffs first round.

This year’s previous Galles winners 

Week 10 — Derek Rivera, St. Pius; Week 9 — Marcus Steele, Cibola; Week 8 — Jeff Davison, Cleveland; Week 7 — Isaiah Chavez, Rio Rancho; Week 6 — Garrett Moseley, Valley; Week 5 — Xavier Ivey-Saud, Manzano; Week 4 — Vince Quezada, Hope Christian; Week 3 — Dorian Lewis, Cleveland; Week 2 — Gabe Smith, Eldorado; Week 1 — Diego Casillas, Belen. All will receive trophies, made by Santa Fe’s Totally Dazzling, with their names, school and position.

The Galles Chevrolet Metro Player of the Week feature is chosen by Enchantment Sports with the assistance of ProView Networks, and sponsored by Galles Chevrolet and Totally Dazzling. Each week, we will feature a top-notch athlete from the area.

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To learn more about the Galles Metro Player of the Week, click here.




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