Galles Chevrolet Metro Player of the Week: Vince Quezada, Hope Christian High School

By Lee Roy Lucero
Enchantment Sports Staff Writer

This week’s Galles Chevrolet Metro Player of the Week honors goes to Hope Christian High School’s Mr. Versatility Vince Quezada.

Hope Christian’s Vince Quezada

Quezada is listed on the Hope roster as kicker, quarterback, and free safety; however, off the roster he has added wide receiver and punt returner. asked Quezada is there any position on the field he does NOT play?

“The only time I don’t play is during kick-off returns,” chuckles Quezada, a 5-foot-9, 150-pound senior. “Other than that, I’m on the field at all times.”

For coach Gary Beck and his Huskies, that is a great thing. On Saturday, Quezada had a solid scoring week as Class 3A’s No. 1 Huskies (ProView poll) beat the West Las Vegas Dons 45-0. Hope is 4-0.

This week’s award-winning stat line for Quezada (thank you J.P. Murrieta, NMAA):

  • 65-yard TD reception
  • 45-yard punt return for a touchdown
  • 25-yard field goal
  • 6-of-6 extra points
Quezada is providing quite a kick for the unbeaten Huskies this year. (courtesy NMAA)

Quezada also had a 70-yard touchdown reception nullified by a holding penalty, but like a true leader it didn’t faze him.

“It was an excellent learning experience for the entire team, and things that we can use for our next game (Bloomfield Sept. 22),” says Quezada.

So, are you playing quarterback next week?

“I can play QB,” says Quezada, “but we have a good one now (Nick Henry), and I’m needed more at receiver right now. I’m going to go wherever the team needs.”

Nick Henry and Vince Quezada. (courtesy NMAA)

Prior to Saturday’s game against West Las Vegas, play-by-play man Sebastian Noel sent a text saying, “I’m in the booth watching New Mexico high schools’ next D-I player, Vince Quezada, consistently booting 50-yard field goals.”

“Yes, I can hit from 50 yards,” responds Quezada. “It is a God-given talent, I just need to use, and I just love it.”

At this point Quezada let me know that both Eastern New Mexico and New Mexico State have expressed interest in him continuing his football career. It looks like Noel might be onto something. Not sure what position they are recruiting Vince Quezada for, but at this point, they have a lot of places to put him.

If you have a nomination for Galles Metro Player of the Week honors, feel free to contact us by email. Let us know approximate statistics, and we’ll certainly check it out. Contact

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