Before you bet the bout, check what the experts are saying about GGG-Canelo

(NOTE: Canelo Alvarez took a wild and close decision in Saturday night’s rematch. Two scorecards had it 115-113 for Alvarez , and the other 114-114. Visit Enchantment Sports on Sunday to get Andy Rivera’s story from Las Vegas.)

By Andy Rivera

For Enchantment Sports

LAS VEGAS – Boxing fans have been waiting a year for the rematch of the controversial draw between middleweight superstars Gennady Gennadyevich Golovkin (GGG)  and Saul Canelo Alvarez.
Tonight, right here, it’s time.
The two will battle at the T-Mobile Arena.

I thought it be nice to get the perspective of others as to who they think will win and why.

Henry Ramirez – Trainer of Heavyweight World title challenger Chris Areola and up and comers Anthony Chavez 6-0, Jonah Flores 5-1, Louie Lopez 4-0, Oscar Torrez 2-0, Richard Brewart 1-0.
Winner- GGG
Tough fight to pick? Canelo is the better all-around fighter but I’m thinking GGG will be a bit more aggressive this fight and win a close decision this time around.
Paulie Ayala- former two time world champion and Ring Magazine fighter of the year.
Winner- Canelo
It’s hard for me to say because of how the last fight ended. I think Canelo has turned into a better boxer than GGG. But GGG is getting older and that might play a factor. GGG will have to go to the body earlier this time around and I can see him stopping Canelo in the late rounds if he does that. If Canelo doesn’t fade like in the first fight I see him winning a close decision in another good fight.

image1 (1).jpeg
And the winner is????? Fight fans hope Golovkin, left, and Alvarez don’t end up in another draw tonight, the way they did in Sept, 2017. (Courtesy/Andy Rivera)

Austin Trout– Former WBA Jr Middleweight Champion of the world – lost a close decision to Alvarez in a 2013.

Winner- GGG
GGG because I think he won the first fight and didn’t get the win, if he had went to the body early he would have done more damage. This time around I think he will, plus the clenbuterol thing (drug accusations against Alvarez) leaves a lot of questions.

Lupe Contreras– One of boxing’s Top Ring Announcers, Mr. Mas Macho
Winner- Canelo
I think in order for Canelo to win he must perform the way he did in the first four rounds of the first fight. I believe he is the one of the two most likely to make tweaks to his game. GGG is seek-and-destroy, that’s what he does best. If Canelo does not adapt and delivers on what he’s promised, that he’s going for the KO, it could be a huge mistake? I look for him to box even more than he did the first time and ultimately, if the cardio holds up, he win a unanimous decision.

Josh Torres– Current New Mexico Welterweight Champion and former WBS USNBC Super lightweight champion.
Although I’m a huge GGG fan and I’m rooting for him, I feel like Canelo has more he can pull out of the tool box than GGG can. Canelo will box more, move and counter. GGG will do as he always does, come forward and try to drag Canelo into a slugfest. As long as Canelo can stay disciplined and stick to the game plan, I see him pulling out a close majority/split decision.

David Martinez– Former USA National Open Champion and WBC Super Flyweight Youth champion
Winner- Canelo
The first fight I went for GGG, I will root for him this time around too because I felt he was robbed of a victory… And although I’d like him to redeem himself, I feel that Canelo will pick up on some of the flaws from the first fight… I think Canelo went into the first fight a little bigger than usual as a bit of an insecurity because he was moving up in weight. This time around he will come in a little leaner because he will be more comfortable with the fact that he has tasted GGG’s power and knows he can take it. That’s HUGE! He is going to go in there with that confidence alone. Also, being leaner will add to his agility, and in the first fight he already showed he can outbox GGG! I’m going with Canelo in an11-round stoppage over GGG.

Louie Burke– former ESPN Lightweight Champion and trainer of Austin Trout.
Winner GGG
GGG because he won the first fight and was robbed!!

Luis Gutiérrez – Trainer of South San Jose Boxing Team in Albuquerque, NM
Winner- GGG
The rematch will be quite interesting. It is my firm belief that Canelo and his collective team have done everything in their power to “age” GGG, whether they admit it or not. It reminds me of Pacquiao/Roach/Arum with Juan Manuel Marquez; they waited nearly four years and three years between their rematch and trilogy bouts, respectively, in hopes that JMM had slipped enough to “leave no doubt.” We may be a year away from the first GGG-Canelo bout, but we are also nearly two months shy of four years since Canelo first stated he’d “put on the gloves right now” and fight GGG that same night. I do believe GGG has aged, and is not the same fighter he was four years ago. However, I also believe he still possesses enough good timing and good enough legs to still get the job done, as the power is always the last thing a fighter loses. He will take more punishment in this fight than people are used to seeing, but he will also dish out much more body punishment and catch Canelo with power shots as Canelo puts his chin in the air after he throws a combination. Canelo will make it a point to let his hands go more, per his corners’ instructions, and he will try to keep the fight in the center of the ring, initially. He will end up gravitating back to the ropes, though, looking to pot-shot GGG during the round and will throw flurries during the last 10-15 seconds of the round, to try to steal it. I see GGG’s increased body attack, combined with Canelo fading in the later rounds as victory for GGG, either close UD or a late rounds TKO.

Steve Mestas– Trainer and Promoter at House of Pain Gym in Denver Colorado.
Winner GGG
I’m saying triple G. By KO late. I think if Canelo engages in a firefight like he says he will, he will get stretched by the tenth.
Results by rounds:

Andrew Rivera

Andy Rivera is a former New Mexico state Golden Gloves champion and long-time national and regional boxing writer. Rivera will have a follow story for Enchantment Sports on tonight’s mega bout. To contact Any with any information, tips or story ideas, please email

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