Galles Player of Week: Dorian Lewis gets honor; The Stormtoopers get the praise

By Mark Smith
Editor in Chief
Enchantment Sports

RIO RANCHO — So lightning can’t strike twice, huh?

How about 400 or so times?

Last Thursday, a lightning storm above Wilson Stadium caused a 35-minute delay for the kickoff of the huge Cleveland-Eldorado football game.

Galles Metro Player of the Week LogoOnce it started, Dorian Lewis and the Storm offensive line kept striking.

Lewis, a transfer from El Paso, ran for 402 yards on 37 carries (unofficially) and five touchdowns in the No. 1 Storm’s 42-28 win over the No. 2 Eagles.

After the game and still on Wednesday, this week’s Galles Chevrolet Metro Player of the Week was quick to spread the praise.

“My offensive line is amazing,” Lewis told Enchantment Sports on Wednesday. “They get all the credit. They get down and dirty with me. They make it all possible.”

That line includes seniors Travis Lornz, Isaac Toledo, Connor Burton, Andre Romero and Josh Chavez, and junior Parker Pulley.

“It’s easy to block for him,” Chavez said. “ He just so shifty.

“And when you see him downfield, and tackler is right here,” Chavez says, holding his hand inches from his body, shaking his head and smiling, “he’ll cut and make a touchdown.”

Or simply run over them. The 5-foot-9 Lewis is a rare blend of speed, power and agility that brings to mind names like Hobbs’ Timmy Smith, Sandia’s Mike Carter and West Mesa’s Ray Barrs – some of the greatest running backs in state history. 

Josh Chavez and Dorian Lewis
Cleveland’s Dorian Lewis, right, with teammate John Chavez, is this week’s Galles Chevrolet Metro Player of the Week.

“I’m really not worried about me,” says the extremely humble and polite Lewis. “It’s all about this team. I love being a part of this team, and my line makes it easy to find holes.”

After Thursday night’s game, which included a 41-yard touchdown run up the middle by speedy Randy Nieto on Cleveland’s second possession, Enchantment Sports nicknamed that offensive line “The Stormtroopers.”

“Nice,” Lewis said.

“I like that,” Chavez said. “I like that a lot.”

Cleveland coach Heath Ridenour had a description about that offensive line as well.

“Tremendous,” Ridenour said. “We said we were going to run the ball and put the load on the offensive line. Even doing the things (Lewis) does, he couldn’t do it without having these kids in front fighting for him.”

Mark Smith has been in New Mexico sports journalism for four decades and is the editor-in-chief of Enchantment Sports. Contact him at

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  1. Great job nephew. Love to see how happy you are with Cleveland and that the family is all back together again. Great things ahead, stay humble.


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