Galles Chevrolet Metro Player of the Week: Eldorado’s Gabe Smith

Eldorado Quarterback Gabe Smith was nothing short of spectacular on statewide television, leading the Eldorado Eagles (2-0) over the Las Cruces Bulldawgs 70-42 last Friday night en route to earning the Galles Chevrolet Metro Player of the Week, for week 2 of the season.

Galles Metro Player of the Week Logo

“Gabe had a really good game,” says head coach Charlie Dotson. “Going back to all the years of New Mexico high school football, we could were not able to remember an individual performance like Smith’s.

“He had 16 attempts for 310 yards rushing five touchdowns, 306 yards passing and four touchdowns. I can’t recall seeing another performance like Smith’s.”

“It was one of those deals where you wanted to get your starting QB out of the game, but credit to the Bulldawgs; they kept on scoring. It is one of those deals that you never want to run up the score, but they kept on scoring, so we kept putting Gabe back in. He kept making plays.”

Gabe Smith and the Eldorado Eagles get set for what should be an early-season game  tonight (Sept. 6) against No. 1 Cleveland at Wilson Stadium. Smith will receive a trophy for his honor, courtesy of Galles Chevrolet and Totally Dazzling awards of Santa Fe.

The Metro Player of the Week feature is brought to you by Enchantment Sports and ProView Networks, and sponsored by Galles Chevrolet. Each week, we will feature a top-notch athlete from the area.

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