Albuquerque Middle School Tennis League Is Win-Win for All Ages

By Dick Johnson

For Enchantment Sports

The Fall Albuquerque Middle School Tennis League is probably one of the closest things in tennis to my heart that I have been a part of the past twenty-two years in Albuquerque.

This amazing program is the hard work and dedication that has been done by Sue Jollensten, the current Director of Northern New Mexico USTA District Tennis. Sue saw the vision and importance for providing a positive activity for middle school kids to go after school.

In 1996, she worked diligently with the City of Albuquerque, Albuquerque Public School Schools and some dedicated volunteers who had that love of kids to get this program running. And wow! It not only has got off the ground; it is a nationally recognized program that other towns and cities have really tried to emulate.

This fall, Sue and her coaches will hope to see close to 600 juniors, 30 schools, and 50-plus teams of all abilities play in September and October. Matches are played after school throughout the city with matches in Los Lunas and Belen, as well. I currently have approximately 50 kids wielding their racquets. This is a “WIN-WIN” that has been made possible by all her efforts.

Become an Advocate for Youth and Tennis Facilities in your area. It will be well worth it!

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