Cherry Silver Report

By Rudy Chavez

For Enchantment Sports / Fan-Demonium

The 2018 Lobo football season is a mere two weeks away, so I ventured out to practice to try and catch up to “The Flash”. Not The Flash from Marvel Comics but this young Lobo

Calvin Magee

has speed to burn. I managed to catch up with Jay Griffin IV and find out how things are going this fall. With almost no training, Jay finished 3rd in the 200 meters and he and his 4×100 team mates won the relay and claimed the gold. Combined with new offensive coordinator Calvin Magee, it is exciting to see what will happen this upcoming season for the returning wide receiver.

With Coach Magee coming in most sports fans are concerned with QB, RB, and WR and how they will be used and the changes in offense come September 1 Lobo home opener. Don’t fall asleep on that offensive line as Coach Davie has put together a solid group of O-linemen. Left Tackle #79 Chris Estrella, 6’4” 294lbs. Jr:  Left Guard #77 Charlie Grammel, 6’ 3” 307lbs. Jr:  Center #64 Kyle Stapley, 6’ 3” 307 So:  Right Guard #55 Aaron Jenkins 6’ 2” 292 Sr (All MWC Preseason): Right Tackle #50 Teton Saltes, 6’6” 284 lbs. So.

The 2018 Lobo football team looks to improve off of last year’s anomaly season, stay tuned to more Cherry Silver Reports by Rudy Chavez on  “Fan-Demonium.”

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