This is some Enchanted website, but you won’t see a stranger; We Are New Mexico!

By Mark Smith
Enchantment Sports
Editor in Chief

And thanks for visiting.
So, who are we? What are we?
We are Enchantment Sports.
And We Are New Mexico!
And this time, you’ve got the true author of the phrase that the University of New Mexico made – and still makes – the most of.
But that’s a story for later.

We have high hopes for this New Mexico sports website, but we are realistic, as well.
Certainly, we hope to break some stories, but this site is more about good, solid sports journalism and sports writing.
And don’t be surprised if, down the road, we do an investigative story or two about topics that seem to be taboo to the local media. Because this site is also about stories behind the stories – by folks who know them well.
And it’s about fun, and getting the readers involved.

There is no subscription fee for the site. We are relying on sponsorships and contributions, and we appreciate those who have already helped out.
Will we charge for inside information on recruiting and other tidbits?
Not a chance. If we know something, you will know it.
We’re not going to play silly games and suck up to coaches to get them to violate NCAA rules by tossing us scoops.

Should you expect solid coverage of Lobo football and men’s basketball home games?
That’s one of our goals, but there will be times we can’t make games. Like most of you, we all have families, non-media jobs and busy lives.
And some of those lives have been around quite a while.
So, full disclosure: Glaucoma and complications from a major eye surgery limit my time on a computer screen. That’s no ploy for sympathy, just a fact that could come into play at times. Appreciate the understanding in advance.

Mark Smith and his son, Brock Smith, are seen in the Pit for the 2016 NMAA state basketball tournament.

To this point, we have no plans to hit the road to cover games. But we will still try to write about them as much as possible. The defunct Albuquerque Tribune proved that can work, and the Santa Fe New Mexican currently makes it work.
And going on the road could change pending the Lobos’ success in a sport – and our financial success.
The biggest advantage we have over any and all New Mexico media is being unshackled, with a boatload of experience and inside stories that only longtime beat writers can provide. Greg Archuleta and I spent a combined 27 years as Lobo beat writers for the state’s biggest newspaper before the industry was rocked like a Willie Howard slam dunk.

And we aren’t the only two on this very talented staff of native New Mexicans.
“I love to read about Lobo history,” UNM men’s basketball coach Paul Weir told me last spring. “I think that interests a lot of fans, especially the younger ones.”
And oh the stories to tell. About the Lobos. About the media. About life.
Look for passion in our writing. Look for some heartfelt pieces, wisdom and personal tidbits.

I do want to note that, per legal reasons, there are things I cannot say about my departure from the Albuquerque Journal after 31 years – 24 years full time and the last five as an associate sports editor.

And before any ex-coaches break into a sweat and start offering Stormy Daniels-type pay-offs to creepy porn lawyers, rest assured that we aren’t planning on going TMZ on anybody.
At least, not now.
Does that mean it’s time to hide the children?
No way. This site will be as clean as possible. (Obviously, we can’t control athletes’ conduct on video. There is a “middle finger warning” on a video of Daniel Faris’ opening column today.)
No editor, reporter or contributor will be allowed to use vulgarity or drag others into the sewage.

And that goes for the readers.
Everyone has the right to write. And there is a special category on the site – “Fan-High Noondemonium” devoted to the fans’ takes.
Which will also be clean.
And there’s one main rule for people to submit: You must be a real person.
If you want to use three different monikers to argue with 12 others who do the same, stick to other media. You want to get into a hissy-fit on a message board? By all means – just not here. Submit emails to with your real name, and with an address and phone number so we can verify.
Obviously, we’re not going to publish the addresses, emails or phone numbers, but submissions from anonymous names like Delta7, LoboGodFace, Downtown Brown and such won’t cut it here.

All for one — and all for fun

Enchantment Sports is part of the community. We want contributions from as many different sports as possible.
If something is important to you, submit it.
Hopefully, we can print scores and features from YAFL, AYSO, YABL, Boys & Girls Clubs, Little League and just about anything else.
Have results from a local swimming meet or golf or tennis tournament? Send them in.
High school coaches, please send anything you want. We can’t do the job of the NMAA, which does a great one. But features and big-game coverage, we can do – and better than most.
Please just copy and paste results (don’t send PDFs), and we will do our best to post them.
We want to put an emphasis on youth sports, preps and the University of New Mexico’s marquee programs; football and men’s basketball. We, of course, won’t ignore the Lobo women’s hoop team or other Lobo sports – or any of the state colleges – and are open to ideas and anyone wishing to contribute.

We will have plenty of golf coverage, along with video golf tips from Puerto del Sol teaching pro Todd Kersting and others as well as video tennis tips from the great Dick Johnson (on our staff). For prep score updates, we will link to the NMAA (  and for the detailed information about University of New Mexico sports, we will link to
Thanks to both the NMAA and UNM for helping us out.

A staff full of experience and passion

Aside from Greg and me, our staff includes a longtime newspaper copy editor, an Albuquerque media triple threat, a UNM mass communications graduate – who just happens to be an all-time Lobo hoop fan favorite – a tennis legend and, most likely, the smartest athlete in state history.

  • Greg Archuleta, an Albuquerque Academy and UNM graduate, was the Albuquerque Journal Lobo football beat writer for 12 seasons and was a professional newspaper writer for a quarter-century.
  • Lee Roy Lucero, an Albuquerque native, Del Norte High and CNM graduate and New Mexico Highlands student, has been in sports media for nearly 30 years.
  • Former Lobo basketball star Daniel Faris is an Eldorado High and UNM graduate with a degree in mass communications. He will have stories on former Lobo athletes and where they now are.
  • Certified genius/athlete/physical injury and fitness guru Dr. Beau Hightower (Mensa/Intertel and the Top One Percent Society), will cover MMA. He graduated from La Cueva, UNM, Masters from Cal, DC from Parker University and DN from SUNM. Longtime La Cueva  supercoach and the dean of New Mexico Tennis, Dick Johnson will cover the courts and longtime broadcast journalist Ed Nunez will contribute on preps.

And then there’s you, the fan.
Including at least one Superfan.
Yep, Rudy Chavez.
Sure, Rudy and I have had plenty of battles in print and on the radio before.
But it’s a new day.
Now we’ll battle here.
Actually, Rudy wants to bring us his Cherry and Silver report – coverage of the Lobos from a fans’ view – and we’re going to give it a run. Until he tackles a ref.
Just kidding, brother.

In addition, we plan to feature a prep athlete of the week and columns from former New Mexico sports media members remembering their days in Land of Enchantment sports.Slide1
Ex-Albuquerque Journal sports editor Tim Coder kicks if off today, and columns from Associated Press national sports writer Eddie Pells and Journal preps editor Brian Rickerd are coming soon.
Whatever happened to Albuquerque sports anchors Simeon Smith and T.J. Lambert, you ask?
They’ve committed to also writing columns, as have numerous others.

One of a kind?

I don’t know if we’re the first of its kind, but I certainly have never heard of a state sports website started by former longtime newspaper journalists. Please remember, we are still a work in progress with plans for podcasts and video reports. We are still adding categories, tinkering with designs and working on a possible new logo. While today is our official website launch, we will conduct a live launch with prize giveaways this fall.

Our major, major thanks to Scott Creagan at Graphic Connection and Carla Villa at High Noon Restaurant for their incredible support in getting us off the ground.
Thanks to the Rudy Chavez Law Firm for the help as well.

With your support, we will grow and become greater.
If you want to donate, there is a spot on our front page. If you would like to become a sponsor, please shoot us an email at
I have no idea how this will all shake out for us, but I do know this website is a labor of love.
I also know – We Are New Mexico!

Mark Smith has been in New Mexico sports journalism for four decades and is the editor-in-chief of Enchantment Sports. Contact him at

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