Weir still filling Lobos’ schedule

By Mark Smith

Enchantment Sports Editor

Few doubt that the University of New Mexico men’s basketball team will shred most of its schedule in the upcoming season.

But some of the teams that will become Lobo paper waste are still, partially, yet to hit the printer.

On Wednesday (July 24), Lobo coach Paul Weir said the Lobos are still finalizing the team’s schedule, which is quite a task in this day and age.

Weir pointed toward fellow Mountain West Conference programs Nevada and Boise State as teams that had it all together in creating great nonconference slates last season – ones that could lead to the NCAA Tournament, even without winning the league tournament.

Nevada did just that.

Boise State did not.

“The Mountain West Conference did give a set of initiatives they want us to follow, and I’m trying to abide by those suggestions.” Weir said. “I look at a team like Nevada, they did a great job of scheduling that we can kind of copy and steal long-term for the program. … Am I sitting here saying, ‘I want to get in on Selection Sunday (because of scheduling)?’ I’m not. But I’m trying to put together the best schedule I can, from all these different sources. Are we going to get down to the complete nitty gritty; ‘This team has a five-year RPI of 190 (versus) this team has a five-year RPI of 190?’ We’re not quite there yet. We don’t have that kind of money. We don’t have those kind of resources where we can get there yet.

“… But because you do it all, doesn’t mean it’s going to play out. Boise State did the schedule perfect. But they didn’t count on losing to Utah State. We will lay out the best plan we can.”

San Diego State beat New Mexico in last year’s MW conference tournament game, giving the Aztecs an automatic berth in the Huge Hootenanny.

Nevada got an at-large berth, but Boise State – which looked like a shoo-in much of the year – did not.

While the Lobos do have financial concerns when it comes to scheduling, they don’t have such concerns when it comes to having a program.

Earlier in the week, UNM regents voted to ice men’s soccer, men’s and women’s skiing, beach volleyball and women’s diving.

There has been much made of the Lobo football program being a huge drain on the athletic department, but such is not the case with men’s basketball, the school’s only money making sport.

Still, Weir was asked if he was ever worried his sport would be sliced.

“To be honest with you, I guess I never put a ton of thought into it,” Weir said. “As all of that was unfolding, I think a lot of us were just trying to understand what was going on, and what the implications might be. I, obviously, very, very sorry and I feel awful for the people who are currently affected. That’s really all I’m going to say.”

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